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The increase in extreme weather events and rising sea levels are unmistakable signs of climate change. Roughly 850 million people still live without access to electricity, which is the foundation.

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Complete Commercial & Residential Smart Energy Solutions.

Dedicated to Creating Clean, Affordable Energy Solutions for Everyone.

With 16 years of extensive experience in smart energy solutions, Beta Energies provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for better, sustainable energy worldwide. We are committed to creating a growing community of both residential & commercial clients who strive to utilise renewable energy to light our planet. As a customer-focused company, we have organised expert teams to assist you during the pre-sale and keep you updated after-sales.
Founded in 2005, our main head office operates in the UK as we open the doors to sustainable cities in Sri Lanka. We are committed to providing extensive professional training in solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies, battery storage, hybrid inverter, and smart energy management. Moreover, we aim to re-invest our knowledge and solutions to create a planet powered by natural resources.

We Spearhead the Much Needed Transformation to Create Clean, Affordable Energy for Everyone.