Low maintenance, longer life & rugged performance is the guarantee we give. Investing in energy storage will provide you with enough power all year round. Get the best for your space.

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A solar battery is a storage device that stores electricity for later consumption, and it can keep your electrical network up and running during a power outage. Moreover, during lower sunlight seasons, a solar battery will light your house without the need for constant sunlight.

Our solar batteries are highly efficient, with multiple selections to suit your building needs, physically, aesthetically and financially. Before purchasing a storage battery, you must ensure that you consider features and specifications such as the cell technology, charging cycles, charger & inverter compatibility, backup time, charging time, and more. Our support team will ensure you purchase the perfect energy storage battery that meets all your requirements.

Why Us!

We are armed with 16 years of experience to provide the perfect solution for your building. Advanced development, research & solutions designed & engineered in the UK. Get 5 years of warranty from the installation date with Beta Energies.